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New Design for Mimi’s Clips

New Design Mimi's Clips

My favorite Mimi’s Clips had got a new design and as you can see it is quite similar to my own blog design. That is of course because I used the same theme.

But that is not all. A large member section was added and for the time being it is only accessible for friends and people we do business with, since the clips itself are being sold at clips4sale.

Preview New Look AMEA

Preview New AMEA


This is a preview of the new AMEA site. Kind of minimalistic, not the warm look the previous interface had, so we are scared shitless that traffic will will drop after the launch of the remake.

However, there is a lot of functionality added and the sweet part of it all is that the new site works fine on all the gadgets you own.



AMEA was founded in 1996 by Hans van der Kamp who wrote the following disclaimer on the site:

This site is located on a server in Amsterdam NL and it is was founded by a small group of Dutch artists in 1996. Although much of the material presented here is considered to be pornography in many countries, it is the strong conviction of the founders that looking at imagery concerning the act of love will do no damage to your health. Click on the buttons to your right to start your journey through the past and present of erotic art.

Over the year the site went through different interfaces and the current one has been up for too long. Most important of all, the site is not really ready for mobile devices, so I will be assisting in designing a new interface.

Camera Manuals

Camera Manuals

While searching my hard drives I unexpectedly found a directory with vintage camera manuals. 57 different brands. Some of them have different manuals for different models. Interesting enough I think to make the available here as downloads.

You will brands such as: Agfa, Aires, Argus, Beacon, Topcon, Bolsley, Bronica, Canon, Chinon, Contax, Cosina, Cosmorex, Exakta, FED, Fujica, GAF, Graflex, Hikari, Kiev, Kodak, Konica, Kowa, Leica, Mamiya, Meteor, Minolta, Miranda, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Pacemaker, Petri, Praktica, Rexoette, Ricoh, Rolleiflex, Sea & Sea, Sears, Simflex, Spartaflex, TDC, Technikav, Univex, Verascope, View-Master, Voightländer, Yashica, Zeiss Ikon, Zenit, and my favorite Leica copy, the Russian Zorki.


Lately I have been going through my hard disks to organize my immense collection of pornographic movies dating from the Early 1900s up to the mid 1980’s.

All for adding clips to of course.

I run to some really interesting stuff I had forgotten about years ago, like this lovely movie poster below:

Poster Christine Jorgensen Story

Mimi’s Clips

I am currently working on

Company strategy:

“We are one happy bunch of senior citizens. With two cameras and one model who can still make it up the flight of stairs to our joyous loft, we are slowly conquering the world with keywords such as #mature #milf #wetandmessy #bdsm #fetish and #clowns of course.

Porn dead? No, the people producing it are slowly getting there but porn will always be amongst us, even long after organic foods will have become a luxury that very few can afford.”